Opening of the Museum of Sofia Rusova in Chernihiv

IMG_685927 September 2013 Dr.. у Всесвітній день туризму музейна мапа Чернігівщини поповнилася новим об’єктом. У селі Олешня Ріпкинського району відкрився Історико-меморіальний музей Софії Русової. Exposure, яку створили фахівці Чернігівського історичного музею імені В.В. Tarnowska - Head of scientific-methodological department Valentine Lutsk, researchers of Nicholas Peas and Eugene Naselevets, housed in a cottage on the estate Lindfors, birthplace of Sophia F.. Today it cares Foundation named Sophia Rusova, headed by Ivan Chaus, which was made by the customer and the museum building.


In the relatively small area of ​​the room, the authors attempted to reveal the life and career of outstanding public and public activist. Separate chapters are devoted to her family - parents, brother sister th, children, Friend, talk about teaching activities in Ukraine, and in exile. Highlight of the exhibition is memorabilia Sofia Feodorovna, transferred to its offspring. Cozy atmosphere created small interior and fireplace. Found in the museum space and the development of pottery traditions of the village Oleshnya and workshops, created Lindfors.


In celebration of the opening of the museum was attended by representatives of district authorities, managers Charity Fund, музейні працівники, the locals, teachers and students of the University of Kiev Pedagogical Institute named Boris Hrinchenko.

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